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Rory Stewart on Google
starstarstarstarstar May 2024
Rory gave us a 5 star rating!
Amanda Sarah Bain on Google
starstarstarstarstar May 2024
A fantastic night in the Glynhill Hotel. The story kept us intrigued and guessing right till the end!
Jacqueline Hepburn on Facebook
recommended us May 2024
Absolutely amazing night! The cast were brilliant and funny :) 100% would recommend and go again as it was very entertaining and we guessed the right murderer!
Lisa at Whitecraigs Golf Club emailed us and said...
May 2024
We all thought the actors were just fantastic, just fab and all our customers had a great time.
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Gingie Cat on Google
starstarstarstarstar April 2024
I was at the Butterfly and Pig on Friday April 19th to see The Dalliance. It was a fantastic night with a very well acted Murder Mystery and delicious food!
Jean J on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble April 2024
First Murder with the Spirit of Glasgow
What a fun evening!!! Great experience with Spirit of Glasgow. The cast were great and engaging, a really good story line and lots of thought provoking evidence to look through and consider. A really nice venue for a murder mystery - we will definitely be going back for more :) Thanks to Mrs Mac, the village gossip, for keeping us all in line and entertained.
Andrea P on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble April 2024
Fabulous night out
Fabulous Murder Mystery night out in The Butterfly and Pig. Excellent acting especially Mrs Mack! Great clues and red herrings aplenty. Lovely meal too.
Julie Choudrey emailed us and said...
April 2024
We were at "Murder on the Dancefloor" at Singl-end cafe last night and it was brilliant! Now I want to know how much you would charge for doing a private event for us at our Bridge Club. Thanks
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The winning team said...
March 2024
That was a great night, thank you
(The Butterfly and The Pig, 22nd March 2024)
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Sam Ferguson emailed us and said...
March 2024
Fantastic 60th Birthday Party
I wanted to get in touch and thank you both and the rest of your team, for an amazing night on Saturday. The actors were fantastic and everyone had such a fun time. The venue was perfect and the staff looked after everyone so well.
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Lynn emailed us and said...
March 2024
I just wanted to say thank you to the actors who performed last night, and to you for organising the finer details with the grosvenor. The actors coped brilliantly with our interrogation! Our guests loved the event and were really complimentary about the performance. Everyone had a great time Thank you
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Elaine O on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble February 2024
Murder Mystery
Fantastic murder mystery night ...."Death by Chocolate" great actors, laugh out loud humour, all in all a fab night. Would definitely recommend.
Carole emailed us and said...
February 2024
Hi Caroline We had such a great time. The actors were very entertaining and we were at a table where everyone got very involved in trying to solve the crime. Arta is such a lovely venue. Our Grandson in Canada is detective crazy and he is very jealous of our night. Thank you again
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mikki2d on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble February 2024
Theres Been a Murrrderrr
Great fun night out at the Spirit of Glasgow Murder Mystery in Arta. A table of complete strangers bonded to try to solve the tragic murder of poor Molly. The actors were excellent (especially Mrs Mack) and dropped red herrings all around and the evidence table threw up some more. We got there in the end and all agreed we would be happy to do this kind of thing again.
reviewer image
Abbie G on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble February 2024
Best experience!
The best night by Spirit of Glasgow!
Had an amazing time on feb 23rd at Singlend Cafe! definitely recommend!! x Thankyou
monteleone limited on Google
starstarstarstarstar January 2024
We've just had another successful run of murder mystery events with Spirit of Glasgow over the Christmas period. We have been working with the team for a few years now, completely selling out all of our monthly events that we run across two of our venues - The butterfly and the pig and The Singl-end Cafe. Our customers love it and it's always a pleasure working these events.
Andy D on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble December 2023
Fantastic Experience!
We have worked with Spirit of Glasgow multiple times throughout 2023. They are always a pleasure to work with! We always get great feedback from the customers and the variety of mystery's on offer allows our guests to come back and experience something different each time!

Looking forward to them returning for 2024!
reviewer image
Trip traveler on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble October 2023
Spirit of Glasgow - Sloans Saturday 28th October 2
We had a fantastic night at Sloans glasgow with performance from Spirit of Glasgow. As always the company ran the show fantastically - great acting and a great story , although difficult to figure out! Just what you want.

I had been in communications with one of the staff members from the company regarding a query I had and she was fantastic at sorting everything out and ensuring my friends and I had a great night.

Cant wait to go back to another one of their nights!
iLLyCoffeeFan on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble October 2023
A brilliant evening to DIE FOR! Superb way to spen
A brilliant evening at this murder mystery play. A great style of evening, solving a murder over a meal. This was so well executed (pun intended) by the small cast of talented actors, who wandered between the tables as their stage in between courses. We picked up clues with each scene. A clever script that required us to work as a team to solve the crime. Loved it!
Thomas McColgan on Google
starstarstarstarstar September 2023
Had a fantastic night at Glasgow University last night for Death By Chocolate. Everyone involved in the production was brilliant and I cannot recommend Spirit of Glasgow highly enough!!
Neil Howie on Google
starstarstarstarstar August 2023
An absolute delight to deal with Caroline and the Spirit of Glasgow. Extremely professional, I only wish there were more companies out there who are so easy to deal with. Many thanks again!
Jackie B on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubble August 2023
Murder mystery
Very professional and helpful group to deal with. We really enjoyed the murder mystery and trying to solve the mystery. A fun afternoon. Thank you
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Janice H on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble July 2023
All round fun!
We had a fantastic night at Butterfly & Pig for "Murder of the Dance Floor", actors were excellent and very funny, food was lovely, good company and plenty of laughs at our table. Would definitely recommend for a night out. Our table won which made it an even better night!!
Lyndsey on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble June 2023
Something a little different, fantastic night
Wow, what an fantastic night. Organised as a work event as something a bit different and it delivered on every level. The actors were excellent and the plot twists kept everyone guessing.

Arta is a stunning venue, with great food, staff and service.

Would highly recommend as it offer something a bit different for the usual work night out and a very enjoyable way to spend an evening.
Jodie Gallacher on Google
starstarstarstarstar May 2023
A great company with very friendly and accommodating customer service. Caroline was great at helping plan a party and was very quick at getting back. Highly recommend!
Linzi Cannon on Facebook
recommended us May 2023
I went to one of their Murder Mysteries on Saturday, there were 15 of us in total over 2 tables. We all had a fantastic night. It was very well organised. Would highly recommend these events.
reviewer image
Caitlin Black on Google
starstarstarstarstar April 2023
Wow. Spirit of Glasgow made my sister's murder mystery hen party come true! I had the terrifying task to plan a lethal murder mystery dinner for my sister's hen and Caroline saved me all the trouble and made the process so easy and fun! Thank you to Caroline and all her lovely actors who ran our night at the Butterfly & the Pig - we had 34 giddy women and the actors kept them entertained, were patient with all the giggling and one of Caroline's actors (the cop) was an Agatha Christie fan just like us! Loved taking a picture with everyone on B&P's wonderful staircase. One to remember! Thank you so much, Caitlin x
reviewer image
Lorraine B on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble April 2023
A perfect goodbye night....
We booked the death by chocolate murder mystery in Arta as a retirement night out for our work colleague. We have age ranges from 19-66 and it was just perfect to suit all ages.
The actors were so funny, but professional and totally made our night when Caroline allowed our boss to take part in the show and be a character as a surprise to our colleague who was leaving. She was so happy, she laughed and cried.
The meal and drinks were great, Arta is beautiful and the staff were lovely. Not a single glitch from start to finish.
Communication with Spirit of Glasgow was so prompt and stress free.
I would recommend this company if you're looking for something just that little bit different. This was our first murder mystery but it honestly won't be our last.
LynseyS on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble April 2023
Amazing from start to finish!
Booked for my friends hen do at the butterfly and the pig. Everything was flawless from start to finish! The actors were outstanding and also very funny, interacting with everyone but very professional. It really made the evening stand out! Thanks again Caroline!
Charlie R on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble April 2023
Good Fun!
Very good, got it wrong but the reasons for why it was someone else was really satisying. Good fun!!
jot on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble February 2023
Excellent Murder Mystery at Citation...
Fabulous fun murder mystery. Excellent meal and excellent Murder Mystery.actors were excellent food was lovely, very funny and professional
reviewer image
SometimesTraveller on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble February 2023
A brilliant night's entertainment
Put the Cluedo board aside and go for the real thing. Minus the blood and dead body of course!
We have just thoroughly enjoyed our second murder mystery by Spirit of Glasgow. Word has gone round since our last night in Feb 2022 and we doubled our audience. This time we hosted The Dalliance. Again superbly acted and very professional from booking to performance. Just sit back and enjoy the fun.
Amanda Love on Google
starstarstarstarstar December 2022
we had the spirit of glasgow come to our care home in newton mearns for halloween the show was great and the resident enjoyed this a little reminiscing and lots of mental stimulus this was great the actors and actress played a blinder and captured everyone attention great value for money and very well thought it and it worked perfectly ? can't wait yo book again
Pauline on Google
starstarstarstarstar December 2022
Another great interactive online Murder Mystery. That was my 2nd time taking part and once again loved it and highly recommend it. It is set up so well so you can work through everything at your own pace and look at everything as many times as you need to. You will not be disappointed and it is a great fun night in for couples, friends, family.
P Murray on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble December 2022
Another Amazing Murder Mystery
Another great interactive online Murder Mystery. That was my 2nd time taking part and once again loved it and highly recommend it. It is set up so well so you can work through everything at your own pace and look at everything as many times as you need to. You will not be disappointed and it is a great fun night in for couples, friends, family.
Anne A on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble November 2022
Murder Mystery Evening
Enjoyed a murder mystery dinner with these actors in Perth tonight. Very enjoyable and good fun. Very well organised. Would do this again
Annette G on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble November 2022
Surprise 60th Birthday
I hired Spirit of Glasgow for my partners 60th birthday, in House for an Art lover.
We all had a fabulous night, trying to solve the murder. I would definitely use them again.

Thank you Spirit of Glasgow
reviewer image
Karen on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble October 2022
Patient and very helpful
Caroline was so helpful (and patient!) as I tried to organise a big Christmas night out. Whilst we couldn't make the night happen due to work commitments we will definitely look to book them in the very near future.
Louise on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble October 2022
Murder mystery witch one dunnit
Great atmosphere, loved Caroline! Actors really dug into their roles, made the audience feel like part of the story, thank you for a lovely night.
Pauline on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble October 2022
Amazing, must do experience
Not being too well I came across this event for Halloween that was online and had to take part.

I will admit I had to look over everything a 2nd time to come up with my answer.

Excellent way to spent an evening and will for sure be taking part in next online event Silent Night Murder. We really enjoyed this amd the te are amazing.

Only accidentally came across the site as they are only a small family run team but the customer service was lightening fast with gre
Mariavittoria M on Tripadvisor
bubblebubblebubblebubblebubble September 2022
Fun, different night
Lots of fun! Finding out who the murderer was has been challenging but doable! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to do something different
Farah McAdam on Google
starstarstarstarstar June 2022
We attended a murder mystery night at the Butterfly and the Pig tearoom, where the story was acted out by this troupe. Really entertaining, had a fun night from start to finish, would highly recommend!
MIchael Fraser on Google
starstarstarstarstar April 2022
Fiona Campbell on Google
starstarstarstarstar February 2022
Spirit of Glasgow performed “Witch One Dunit” for us at our small wedding in a private venue. It was great fun. Very entertaining and professionally polished. Amazing value for your money, too. I would highly recommend the experience and would book an evening with them again for celebrations in the future.
Olivia Whyte on Google
starstarstarstarstar February 2022
We took part in a great, clearly well rehearsed and well choreographed online murder mystery. We thoroughly enjoyed it and for the small price of £8.50 we would definitely do it again! Thank you!
Kerry-Anne Ward on Facebook
recommended us January 2022
We did the Silent Night Murder virtual event and it was absolutely brilliant. It was such good fun to watch, then look through all the clues to try and figure out who the murderer was! At the end you submit who you think it was and why. Then a short time later you can access a video confession from the murderer explaining their motive. It was such good fun, and it's a great wee idea for a virtual game night with friends/family. Especially in the current climate as many of us are limited in terms of meeting up and socialising. We all loved it and we hope to do it again soon. We're definitely going to book one of the organised face to face events too!
Ashley Hewes on Google
starstarstarstarstar January 2022
We did the virtual murder mystery event. It was a really fun evening, we enjoyed trying to decipher the varied clues. Great rainy day activity!
Sarah C Meikle on Google
starstarstarstarstar January 2022
Their murder mystery nights are always good fun! The actors are engaging with the audience and I love that the scripts are all based on real historic events in Scotland.
Kirsty Kavanagh on Google
starstarstarstarstar January 2022
"We did the Murder Mystery on Christmas Eve and it was super fun trying to guess whodunnit. To access the site virtually was really easy the link was sent well in advance, what I liked was at the end once we submitted who we thought was the murderer you can find out a short time later whodunnit and why. We loved it and would absolutely do it again, we have also looked at the calendar and would definitely attend the face to face murder mystery. I would definitely recommend it as good family fun " Pauline McPherson
Caroline Meikle on Google
starstarstarstarstar January 2022
Caroline Wylie on Facebook
recommended us January 2022
Great well thought out online event! (And we got the murderer right too!)
Claudia Verona on Facebook
recommended us February 2021
great experience! Fun evening,good entertainment and lots of thinking!

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