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07:00pm on Thu, 09 Nov 2023 - A Right Royal Murder
House for an Art Lover
A Right Royal Murder

Of course, there have always been royal scandals, throughout time. For this murder mystery we are in Windsor Castle in the year 1861. We are the guests of Queen Victoria and her husband Albert. The family are having a family celebration for Helena's birthday. All of the children of course are present, as is, for the meantime Edward. Alas Edward, otherwise known as "Bertie", has been getting himself into trouble, and well, there are always consequences of course! Also present and part of the drama are ghillie John Brown, lady in waiting Sarah Spencer, and................... Nellie Chifden (now, how should we explain Nellie!!) turns up. Wow!

This is a murder mystery dinner, so as good old Taggart himself says................... "There's been a Murder!". So, you tell us, who killed the victim? Why? How?Evidence?......................

Difficult? No, not really, we always give you the first clue and that is quite simply........... follow the evidence, and do not allow yourself to be strung along by any of these characters, despite how innocent they appear!

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Yes, at £52.50 per ticket.

About House for an Art Lover

Set within the magnificent grounds of Glasgow's Bellahouston Park and originally designed by Mackintosh as an elegant country retreat for a person of taste and culture. For more than 80 years Mackintosh's concept remained an unrealised design on paper until in 1989, Graham Roxburgh, the Consulting Engineer responsible for restoring Mackintosh interiors in nearby Craigie Hall, had the idea to finally build the House for an Art Lover.

House for an Art Lover
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