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07:00pm on Fri, 17 Nov 2023 - A Single Shot!
The Butterfly and The Pig
A Single Shot!

It is Glasgow in the year 1793, and things are very different to how they are now. We have Robert Dreghorn, or as the cruel children of Glasgow would call him "Bob the Dragon " (he was disfigured, due to smallpox as a child). Robert's older sister Elizabeth is part of the drama, and Elizabeth Dreghorn is a passionate woman, very much involved in The Temperance Movement of the day, as indeed is her good friend and companion, the Baillie of the Gorbals! Well, well, and what about our wee Beth, the maid, and her sister Mary Hill who works at the local cotton mill?? As for Maggie Peebles, on the Trongate, oh my..... what on earth happened to her?

Don't be alarmed, it's all very straightforward. Just come along and enjoy your meal alongside these characters and tell us, who shot who? Why? How do you know, ie what evidence do you have? Simple!

SOLD OUT, sorry! But check our calendar for other events like this.

About The Butterfly and The Pig

The butterfly and the pig's shabby chic interior with its mismatched furniture and vintage wallpaper is a relaxed, welcoming place to catch up with friends for a drink or bite to eat. Our kitchen takes pride in producing everything we make from scratch - we're famous for our quirky menus.

The Butterfly and The Pig
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