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07:00pm on Fri, 17 Mar 2023 - The Dalliance
The Butterfly and The Pig
The Dalliance

The date is 10th August 1935 and our murder mystery takes place in the highland village of St Fillan's. The Dutch royal family have been holidaying in this small village for years. The Queen, Wilhelmina, likes to paint and she just loves the countryside of Scotland. Her husband, Hendrik, escorts her on this visit with her daughter, Juliana, who is to be the future Queen. There is a young girl, a helping hand who attends to them in the hotel. Her name is Molly McLaren. Molly has a beau, his name is John McGregor, who is also from the village, though he does have aspirations to becoming a journalist in London. AND, Mrs Mack? Well, Mrs Mack is Mrs Mack, the village gossip and busybody. What is going on and what can possbily go wrong? It is after all a murder mystery, someone will die.

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Yes, at £47.48 per ticket.

About The Butterfly and The Pig

The butterfly and the pig's shabby chic interior with its mismatched furniture and vintage wallpaper is a relaxed, welcoming place to catch up with friends for a drink or bite to eat. Our kitchen takes pride in producing everything we make from scratch - we're famous for our quirky menus.

The Butterfly and The Pig
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