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07:00pm on Sat, 25 Feb 2023 - Death by Chocolate
Death by Chocolate

Join our cast, Madeleine Smith, Pierre L'Angelier, Janet Smith, James Smith, William Minnoch and Christina Haggart in the year 1857 as they celebrate Madeleine's birthday, but do BEWARE, because all is not as it may seem.

There is deceit in the air and as you enjoy your 3 x course dinner alongside the household, you must pay attention, have your wits about you, as someone will be murdered....................... who will it be?

Come join us and you will find out! Who did it, why and how did they do it will be for you and your team to find out.

Places available

Yes, at £65.27 per ticket.

About Citation

Dating all the way back to 1844, the rich history of Citation contributes to its vibrance and rusticity. Originally the city and county buildings for the City of Glasgow and Lanarkshire respectively, it later became the Sheriff Court and was in use as such until 1986. Designed by Clarke & Bell in the mid-19th century, its breathtaking features were retained during redevelopment 160 years later.

Sandstone columns dominate the particularly prominent B-listed exterior, dressed in fairy lights to delicately illuminate a picture-perfect atmosphere.

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