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07:00pm on Mon, 14 Feb 2022 - Death by Chocolate
a virtual event
Death by Chocolate

Join our cast, Madeleine Smith, Pierre L'Angelier, Janet Smith, James Smith, William Minnoch and Christina Haggart in the year 1857 as they celebrate Madeleine's birthday, but do BEWARE, because all is not as it may seem.

There is deceit in the air and you must pay attention, have your wits about you, as someone will be murdered....................... who will it be?

After signing up you will receive a personalised link to view and engage with our murder mystery drama. Your personalised link will allow one connection to the event from one device, but you can take part as an individual or as a group watching together.

After watching our drama you will have the opportunity to view clues on line in your own time, as well as interrogation statements from the murder suspects.

Finally you will tell us who YOU think the murderer is and why. When all the answers are in, you'll see the "big reveal" when one of our characters comes back to tell you "whodunnit" and why.

The participant with the correct answer and best evidence will win a £15 Amazon voucher. In the event of a tie we will randomly choose a winner from among the best entries submitted. The winner will be announced after the event, on our Facebook page.

Places available

Yes, at £8.50 per person.

About a virtual event

A virtual presentation of one of our great live events, for you to join from the comfort of your own home, individually or as a group, or in one of our partner venues.

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